Baillieu Government scores well for helping small businesses

by Samantha Yap

The Baillieu Government receives a good report card for helping small Melbourne businesses in this struggling retail environment.

Ten months in power, Ted Baillieu‘s Government is gaining extra points for helping small Melbourne businesses through this tough “retail climate”.

Blue Illussion is an Australian owned, 70 store franchise competing with rising interest rates

VECCI Executive Manager of Communications, Chris James has given the Baillieu Government a ‘B’ rating for their achievements.

The retail industry has benefited from the state government’s decision to restore Easter Sunday trading and reverse Labor’s clearway changes.

Traders in inner Melbourne saw the clearways as a restriction on the hours of trading.

Studies show businesses were affected in those areas.

“[However] the reversal of those reforms has taken the heat entirely out of that issue, particularly in a very difficult retail climate,” says James.

There is very low consumer and business confidence as interest rates are increasing.

“All stores in retail have exceptionally high budgets to achieve and we’ve hardly been meeting our company’s budget lately,” says Blue Illusion‘s sales woman, Jill Williams.

International online stores add to the competition by attracting Australian customers with 'free shipping'

Online stores are also adding to retail competition.

A recent study found more Australians are shopping online than ever before., an online shopping website, receives 1.7 million unique visits each month

The Ballieu Government has until the next state election, in November 2014, to improve and protect Victoria’s retail industry.

Clothing retailers are suffering the most in this tough retail environment. Information Sourced: